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Stephen B. Meister

Stephen Meister divides his national practice into two major areas: high profile litigations, frequently real estate related, and large complex real estate transactions. Mr. Meister is well known nationwide for his comprehensive knowledge of real estate matters, battle-tested trial skills, and the powerful deal making presence he brings to difficult, high stakes negotiations.  Read Stephen's Full Bio...

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America gets its first developer-in-chief 7/13/2016 Miki strikes back: Naftali says Sigoura, Popkin stole developer’s trade secrets 6/24/2016 Siguora, Popkin allege Naftali didn’t pay them their share of profits 5/6/2016 CWCapital presses to dismiss Bill Ackman’s “offensive” Stuy Town lawsuit 3/9/2016 Million-dollar condo owners appalled they have to walk outside to use pool

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